TI 83 Plus “Ram Cleared” Error Fix

My old TI 83 Plus calculator recently started showing the “Ram Cleared” error and then restarting when using it, which was quite annoying.

I replaced the backup button battery, which is located in the center of the back, but it did not work. Then finally I opened the whole back cover and noticed the green corrosion at the two battery contact points on the circuit board.

I cleaned the corrosion using rubbing alcohol and bent the spring ends so that the contacts are solid. (I also soldered it a little to smooth the dents, which is not necessary. )

After putting everything back, the calculator is normal again.

Here are what you need:

  1. A T6 torx screwdriver to remove the four corner screws. The bottom two are pretty deep.
  2. A Phillips screwdriver to remove the center screw.
  3. Rubbing alcohol & a cotton ball or wipe to clean.

Good luck.

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